Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Running Skirts

Okay I'm not a new convert to the running skirt.  I've actually been wearing them for years....since before it was easy to find them and the only ones available were bulky and poorly designed.  Boy have they come a long way.

I will formally review this product in more depth at a later time on my business blog, but I feel as if I had to mention it now.

I was sent the Camo Running Skirt by Running Skirts (  When I first held it up to myself it looked downright tiny....I was a little nervous to try it on.  I did however, and found it fit perfectly.  The waistband is soft and forgiving and very flattering.

The pattern is so cute that my husband even commented on how cute the skirt is.

So when I ran this am it was below freezing.  I wore the skirt over tights and it was so cute and comfy I didn't want to take it off after my workout.  While I usually wear skirts with small bike shorts underneath, this skirt has "bloomers" or built in panties.  I may be a little concerned about my modesty in the warmer months, but unlike the traditional bike shorts, the panties didn't ride up or pinch.  I didn't have to fidget with it once.

My other favorite part was the side pockets that velcro shut. Skirts normally have pockets that MIGHT hold a key during a whole run.  My key stayed in the pocket the whole run with no movement and no worry.  Once again, making this skirt easy and effortless to wear.

I am going to be buying more skirts from Running Skirts!  They have all sorts of patterns, colors, sizes and even theme skirts.  When ordering, be careful...I was sent a size three that the tag states is the equivalent of a size eight in women's pants.  I usually wear a four or six, but this skirt fit perfectly.

Thanks Running Skirts for the best discovery I've made in running gear in a while!

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