Monday, November 22, 2010

Perfect Pouch

I've been running steadily again for about a year now.  During that time I've been adjusting a lot of wardrobe, shoes, socks and what I carry with me when I run.  I run alone and often in areas that my husband would rather I not run in alone, like the woods.  And so, its been required that I carry a cell phone.  I started by trying to use the pockets in my running clothes....that didn't car has one of those large keys that isn't easy to fit into things and my Blackberry couldn't fit into any pocket.
So to solve these issues, I bought a mesh pouch.  While it held what I need it to, it moved around, required a lot of fidgeting from me and although it was light weight, it allowed moisture into the pouch.  So although I could carry my cell phone, it was going to be wet from sweat by the end of my run.  Gross.

Now that fall is upon us I've gone back to putting things in the pockets of my running windbreaker particularly.  That works well expect my very heavy and very large phone (Droid X) bangs against one wide of me the whole time I'm running.

So when I came across iFitness I was cautiously optimistic.  I was sent the single neoprene pouch (grey with pink zip).  I tried it out today.  I spent a little time when I first started running getting it to that spot where it doesn't bounce.  Once I did that, I didn't even know I had it on for the rest of my run.  I put my Droid and my car key in it and zipped it with no problem at all.  When I was done running and took it off, I took my phone out expecting the usual grossness.  However, it was dry!  I put the pouch aside and drove home.  By the time I stopped for a latte and drove home the pouch itself was dry!  No more airing things out for a night before I can use them again!

So, not only is this pouch comfortable, it makes running and carrying your possessions easy and they stay clean!  I'm getting these for some running friends I have so that everyone can carry their phones while they run!

Want to get your own? Visit here:
They also have other sizes (even bigger ones) and LOTS of colors!!

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