Sunday, November 28, 2010

Nathan Quick Draw Water Bottle

If I could have made a list of everything I wanted in a running water bottle and given it to a company to make, they would have come back to me with the results it would be the Quick Draw Plus bottle by Nathan.

The bottle itself is 22 ounces...not too little and not too much.  I think its enough water to sustain you through your activity, but not too much that the bottle becomes heavy.

The attachment around the bottle that allows you to hold it on your hand slips right off when pulled so you can put the bottle in the dishwasher easily.  I've had others in the past that are impossible to wash except by hand and who has time for that?

Let me next address the hand grip.  It is large enough that you can COMFORTABLY put your whole hand in.  I even carried it this morning with mittens on and it stayed on with no adjustment throughout the run.  The hand hold does also have the ability to be adjusted smaller or larger, because let's face it our hands aren't all the same size.  The adjustable strap is also reflective, great for road running.

The other side of the bottle has a small pocket designed to hold a small ID or your key.  The zipper is large enough so that you can put a car key in it that is large (like mine) and there is even a small hook to which you can attach your key.  However, I will tell you that the zipper didn't budget and I don't think the key would fall out.  The bottle is even equipped with a small ID and medical information section.  You can fill this out and never have to remember to take your information with you on your next run.

While running with the bottle, it stayed put.  I didn't have to adjust it and it was comfortable.  Those are all complaints I'd had after using other bottles. And although this may seem small, the nipple on the top has a ridge in it.  Its perfect for opening and closing the bottle with your teeth should you not want to stop your run to drink.
I'm not only going to use this bottle to hydrate while I run, but I think it will make the perfect hiking companion. I also intend to throw one into my work bag.  This easy to use bottle will take away my excuses to "hydrate" throughout the day :)

The bottle retails for only $18 and is worth every penny.  You can take a peek at it and get one here:

This color is part of their 2011 product line and will be available online in January 2011.  Who doesn't love a cute AND stylish water bottle?!  Take a peek at the picture here:

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