Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Pony and Pig Tail Headbands

I had previously reviewed the headband by Bondi Band and loved it so I had high hopes for the pony and pig tail hat.  When I first felt the hat, I thought it was thin and wouldn't keep me warm.  Well I was wrong.  It was just the right thickness to keep me warm throughout my run.  I was even surprised by a sudden snowstorm during my run and it kept me warm and dry.

The dryness is the best feature of this hat.  While keeping me warm, the hat stayed dry and kept me dry.  When I took it off, my hair wasn't a sloppy, sweaty mess as it is when I've used fleece hats, etc.

When I first put the hat on I was concerned about how it was going to be to pull my ponytail or pigtails through it.  Well it was easy as pie.  I just made my ponytail, put the hat on and it nearly pulled itself through.

Bondi Band's hats come in all sorts of patterns, colors and with adorable and motivational slogans on them.  The best part is they are only $20.00.  By the time I was home from my run, the hat was dry and I would have happily worn it again before washing.  Despite, this, I suggest you get yourself a few!

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