Sunday, September 16, 2012

Ultima Replenisher Review

I am bad at drinking enough water during the day.  Part of it is that I get to busy, but a big part of it is that I am not a big fan of water.  I recently had a chance to try out Ultima Replenisher and I love it.

Its a mix in powder that tastes like refreshing lemonade.  Its easy to mix and it tastes great.  Its not over powering and it doesn't take over sweet like some other powder mixes.  It actually mixes clear like real lemonade.  It doesn't have the artificial coloring that other mixes do either.

Ultima is a great alternative to other sports drinks.  It has less sugar, more elctrolytes and even fewer calories.  I love that it doesn't give you that sugar rush.  I'm hypoglycemic and so many beverages make me sick to my stomach or give me sugar issues for the rest of the day.

I also like that I can mix the drink myself.  The powder is easy to carry and I can turn any bottle of water into a sports beverage on the go.  Ultima isn't expensive and its easy to find too!

Take a peek at the Ultima website here:

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