Monday, September 24, 2012

Craft a Day Part Two

As promised, I have a few more crafts to share.

This one was super easy and fun....I downloaded some templates from Martha Stewart's site..and printed them onto plastic shrinking film.  (AKA Shrinky Dinks).  Shockingly enough, I had the plastic film in my craft drawer from a project a long time ago in a craft land far, far away.  They say that you can cut them right after you print them, but my printer ink took a long time to dry.  I let them sit almost all day.  I then cut, punched holes (Very important to do BEFORE you bake) and baked them.

For anyone who isn't familiar with shrinking plastic, its almost paper like before you bake and then becomes much smaller and hard during the baking process.  Its important that you can see them while they are baking.  They will curl up and then flatten out.  When they flatten out they are done.  Every oven is different so they don't give you a set time and temperature for the process.  I flattened them with a spatula once they were out and then let them cool.  Add key rings or ribbon and you're done!  These would also make great gift tags!

Something else I've done is to replace the sea glass and shells out of my table centerpiece.  I couldn't figure out what to do with it for fall so I tried a bit of everything.  I put some kraft paper on the bottom, added some candy corn, ghost Peeps, mini pumpkins and pine cones and voila, instant (and yummy) centerpiece.  The only thing I'm not thrilled about is the fact that I will have to rebuy the pieces every year if I want to recreate this.

I will post more about some of my crafts again soon!

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