Monday, April 2, 2012

Rest Time

Okay I have nothing to report this week on running or yoga.  Literally nothing.  I didn't run, go to yoga, lift weights or anything.  I did some hiking, played with the dog, cleaned a lot and walked with my dad....but other than that I spent my spare hours sleeping.

I thought back to the last time that I had a week like this and it was after I finished a big project; I was just wiped out.  The same thing happened this week.  I've been working crazy hours, long days and just pushing too hard.  I kept thinking that I could keep pushing so that I could take a mini vacation but I just had to get one more thing done, take one more meeting...etc.

And so I think my body has decided I needed some time off NOW.  I've gotten dressed in my running clothes every day, put on my shoes, filled the water bottle, etc, but it just hasn't happened.  I guess I am kind of grateful.  I have been having problems with my "good hip" and my old injury is acting up again as well.

I used to get angry, upset, etc when I was off schedule.  However, this time around I feel serene and happy.  And so this week I can say that I've learned the value of rest.  Finally.

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