Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Race Plans

So at the start of the year I sat down and planning out the races I was going to run.  I had planned for six.  Well somehow things got out of hand and I've already run four.  And despite already being in love with racing, for some reason, now I'm really hooked.

I started the year with a four miler on New Year's Day, then another 4 miler for St. Patty's Day, followed by a 5k on April Fools and a 10k mud run this past weekend.

I was looking ahead at my calendar and I already have three more races on the books...A Mother's Day 5k, a Father's Day 5 miler and (the one I'm most excited about) A Color Run at the end of July.  I may squeeze in another trail run in May and hopefully a few out of state runs this summer up in Maine, but I'm looking forward to a 10k in September and maybe?  a half this fall.

Of course, I will never give up my holiday runs that are local and fun but I'm loving finding these new runs around New England and trying out new things!

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