Friday, April 20, 2012

New Shoes

Okay its official, I've joined the barefoot revolution.  I've been looking at barefoot shoes for a while and ignoring them, telling myself it wasn't for me.

When it came time for me to pick out a new pair of spring shoes for road running...I started doing research and while I didn't have any particular traits in mind, I knew I wanted something LIGHT!

I started doing research and it was a tedious process.  I took lots of quizzes, and read the reviews and I kept coming up with light weight barefoot shoes.  Its a bid and pricey decision, but I decided on the Nike Free 3.0 v4.

Nike has three levels of barefoot shoes; one with a 3mm drop, one with a 4mm drop and one with a 5mm drop.  The latter being the most popular.

Anyway, the shoes arrived and I was shocked as to how bright they were and how light weight they were.  I put them on and I knew I was in love.  They don't have a traditional tongue like other sneakers but they fit like a glove and were instantly comfortable.

I did exactly what you are told not to do, put them on and go for a three mile run.  I did and I was comfortable and injury free.  So while I don't suggest doing this, it was right for me.  My feet felt light and like they could breathe.

Since I've been running in these shoes I've felt lighter on my feet and as if I have had better form.  While I don't know that this is technically true, I know that I now look forward to road running instead of dreading it.  And, as a bonus, I've gotten lots of compliments on the shoes!

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