Saturday, April 14, 2012

Bear Mountain CT

Last week I substituted my long run for a mountain climb.  My husband, my uncle and my cousin traveled to Bear Mountain in Connecticut to take a day hike.

The day was beautiful!  It was about 50 and sunny.  I had on shorts and a long sleeve top and fleece.  It was breezy at the start and I was concerned I was going to be cold.  However, as we started to ascend, we started to warm up quickly.

Its a fairly easy hike.  While you do gain a lot of elevation (3200 feet in total), its gradual and the trail is friendly.

We crossed a few streams and Roxy dove into every one of them.  Everyone commented on 1.  How adorable she is and 2.  How we are so smart for making her carry out gear.  In reality, her backpack only carries her own water and

We met a few other dogs on the trail and Roxy did pretty well.  She is still a little afraid of tall men and some other dogs.  We've had her about a year plus now so those things may never completely go away.  The fact that she's so cute makes people think they can come right up and pet her and she's friendly.

Before we knew it we were at the junction where the AT meets the Bear Mountain trail.  From there, we broke tree line quickly and it got very breezy.

We ate a picnic lunch of peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, goldfish crackers and other assorted treats on the top.

I was so proud of my little cousin.  He's 14 and this is only his second mountain.  I love hiking with him and spending the day together!

Overall it was a great start to the hiking season and I can't wait to climb a lot more peaks this year with my hiking crew!

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