Saturday, April 28, 2012

Leatherman Race Review

I just want to start this review out by saying Best.  Day.  Ever.

I was insanely anxious about this race.  I've never raced a 10k before and I have never done a trail race before.  I've certainly never done a trail race with obstacles.

This race wasn't like a Tough Mudder or anything like that but it did have three river crossings, a lot of mud and a "wall".  It wasn't a man made wall, just a big hill that goes just about straight up for a while.

I did walk the course ahead of time.  We did as much as was marked on the map.  We weren't keen about going off trail in a place where cell phone service was limited and the park is about 4,000 acres.  I was calmed a little by walking the course...However I was scared stiff at the distance and running it.

The day was pretty chilly and a lot of rain was on its way.  However, my a miracle it held off.  I was cold at the starting line but I was able to shed my windbreaker and give it to my husband before I went into the woods.

The first mud section slowed everyone down a lot.  I mean really people started walking.  The first mile was filled with downed trees, streams and mud patches that needed care and to be walked through. This isn't a race you can really do for time, you're there for run.

As soon as the prayer was said (which I LOVED and will post later in a separate post) the the first pitch thrown out, we were off.  I knew right away I was in love.

I run trails almost every day and because trail runs are hard to find I've been road racing.  However, trail running is my true love.

The first river crossing was a bit of a shock.  To actually go into the river on purpose and then come out with soaking wet feet was a little unreal but it was so much fun.

I talked with people the whole race.  I never had to walk like I'd feared and I wasn't out of breath really either.  I was shocked at how fast it went.

At the last river crossing, my family was there to cheer me on.  It was so much fun seeing them there as I crossed the last river.  They were muddier than I was because all of the other runner has splashed them!

The last .3 of a mile was uphill on a field and it was a pain int he you know what.  I hated the end.  It was anti climactic too because all of the spectators were back at the river crossing.

I finished and was on such a high I wanted to do it all again.  Here are just a few photos from the day.  If you go to their site there are thousands more!  Its a lottery to enter this race, but I'm praying I get in again next year!

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