Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Chipkos Sandal Review

I first read about Chipkos sandals in a yoga magazine and I loved the idea of them.

Chipkos are cute, but they are so much more.  They are environmentally friendly sandals.  For every pair you buy, Chipkos will expand a national protected forest by 100 square feet.  How cool is that?  The carbon footprint from your shipping is also off set.

The sandals come in all sorts of colors.  I received red.  They arrived in a nice carrying bag that would be perfect for vacations, travel, etc.

While they look a little different from other sandals, they fit just right.  They look cute on your feet.  (I liked these because my feet looked small in them!)

The sandals are quite comfortable.  Despite the fact that they look flat, they have quite a bit of "squish" to them and the straw like foot bed feels like its giving you a massage as you walk.

These are a great Mother's Day gift, or gift to yourself!  Check out their website and order your paid here:

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