Monday, July 18, 2011


I'm obsessed.  I love yoga and I'm completely bitten by the yoga bug.  I'm not sure how it happened.  I did yoga last year when I was injured and I liked it.  I try to do yoga as part of my 2011 training program.  I usually fit it in once a week or so....but not always (getting a doggie who thinks yoga time was play time didn't help matters).

However, when I was away from home a few weeks ago I steadily did yoga every other day.  All of a sudden I wasn't concerned with how long the video was going to last.  I was really focusing on the practice.  I was finally able to do some of the poses that I used to roll my eyes at.
Most importantly, I WANTED to do more and not turn the video off.

I know that yoga is about more than a firm butt (despite that being a great benefit), its about inner peace and calm.  These are things that are hard to come by in my life.  I will admit that sometimes I'm a bit to much like Parker Posey's character in You've Got Mail.  Yoga gives me permission to take the time for myself.  The time to quiet my mind.  And thus far, yoga is the only thing to do this.

So while I do yoga from a DVD in my living room, I'm considering taking some classes in a studio with a Yogi who can help me get better in my practice.  I'm especially interested in hot or power yoga.
So I've just spent the past hour researching yoga studios in my area and planning out how and when I will fit it in.  (I am also considering buying myself a new yoga mat and or towel, who doesn't love a little fitness shopping?)

I will keep you all posted as to how it goes.  However, I am determined to make my love of yoga something that roots itself in my life and helps me become a calmer and more focused version of myself.

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  1. As an update to this post. I got a Living Social deal to try a hot yoga studio near my home. $30 for an unlimited month! I'm so excited to try it out! Maybe tomorrow!