Tuesday, July 26, 2011


I still don't like meat.  However, I know that the more and more training I do, the more protein I need.  I will eat meat, however, its not my favorite.  And when put on a plate with rice or potato, or really any starch or carohydrate, the rice wins out.  

However, all of this has been leading to sugar issues, etc so I've been working very hard to find more protein in my diet.  
I've almost had to set my mind on no carbs, which then leads to the proper amount of carbs...lol.

I've started eating hard boiled eggs.  I make a bunch at a time and then have them in the fridge as a grab and go snack.  I also got back into cheese sticks.  So yummy and I can grab it and eat it on my way out the door.
I've also fallen in love with the new Gatorade "recovery" drinks.  They have one that tastes almost like regular Gatorade, but has 16 grams of protein.  Its a great alternative to protein shakes, when I can't be home with my blender.  

I also made home made bean burgers.  All sorts of yummy ingredients went into the food processor, then I grilled them up and they were better than anything I've ever had out of a box or at a restaurant.

So, while its been tough, I've been slowly making changes and making more protein choices.  Its been positively impacting my training thus far.  Maybe I'm imagining it, but I am going to continue to work to have the amount of protein I should each day.

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