Friday, July 8, 2011

How To Shop For Free

When I first heard of Kathy Spencer’s book, How To Shop For Free I almost rolled my eyes.  However, as I started poking around her website ( I became curious at first.  The more I kept reading, the more I wanted to know more!
I will admit I don’t cut coupons.  I usually hit my local warehouse store assuming I’m getting the best deal.  I’ve done this forever.  Well I was so wrong!
How to Shop For Free spells out how to get the best deals.  It talks specifically how to use sales, coupons, doubling specials, and store policies to your advantage.  It doesn’t just use generalities, it gives you specific examples and includes the mathematic equations.  You aren’t left to figure it out on your own and wonder how it really works.
The book not only talks about coupons, it discusses the best rewards programs to sign up for, the best ways to score clothes, prescriptions and even diapers for next to nothing, and places to score samples.
This book is also going to teach you the right way to do things.  Lots of people are looking for “cheat codes” to cheat the system.  Well this book isn’t the place to get them!  This book shows you LOTS of resources to find coupons, ways to organize them and how to use them effectively!
After reading this book I went to the grocery store and all of a sudden noticed the two for one sale signs, the coupons offered in store and the discounts at checkout.  So while I wasn’t an instant super star at shopping for free, I did manage to cut down my grocery bill from about $50 today to $30.
Did I mention that this book even goes over ways to save money on household items and CLOTHING!  I will also admit that have always been a big saver and deal finder on clothes, but this gave me some great ideas on how to MAKE money clothing shopping.  So, that all being said, I can tell you buying and reading How To Shop For Free will pay you back in dividends!

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