Thursday, July 14, 2011


Okay I will admit I'm normally attached to my cell phone.  I use it all day every day.  In my defense I'm using it for business and constantly emailing clients, looking things up, etc.

I recently spent two weeks in a location that doesn't get any cell phone reception.  I thought I was going to go out of my mind.  Especially since I recently got an i Phone and I'm still crushing on it.

On the first day I turned it off and put it in a drawer for safe keeping.
I never looked back.

Although I was still working on many of the days I was out there, I did so from my computer.  I also didn't sit there attached all day every day.  I would go about my daily routine, running, eating, walking the dog, and then check in throughout the day.

What did I find?  Just what you'd think:  I was happier, healthier and way more productive.  NOT being tied to my phone allowed me to feel free and independent from my work and company.  Although I love both of these things dearly, I sometimes feel like me and the company are one in the same.  In a way they are, but thinking that way doesn't allow me to ever have time off.

And so, I'm making the commitment to myself to put down my phone when I get home.  Yes, I will still carry it and of course I will use it to pay at Starbucks and yes I will buy movie tickets on it and do all of the other ridiculous things people with iPhones do.  However, I will not allow it to be my ball and chain.

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