Saturday, July 30, 2011

Working Out on The Go

I've discussed previously how not having a gym membership has effected my workouts.  However, I have now found another bonus to not having a gym.  
During my summer travels I have been many places with no gym.  While someone who uses machines at the gym, or even free weights only, might be stumped as to how to workout, I have not made a change in my workout routine.  

Of course you can run anywhere.  You just lace up your shoes and go.  Sometimes I've been taking Seamus, my GPS watch to find out how far or fast I'm going and other times I've just been winging it and going on feel.  I have run in the rain and HEAT.  And while these are the most fun or perfect runs, not having an air conditioned gym to fall back on fosters a "no excuses" mentality.  If I skipped every run with adverse conditions, I don't think I'd ever work out!  

I also love that my Crossfit workouts can be done anywhere.  My push up, sit up and sqaut routine can be done literally anywhere.  I did it on the back lawn of where we stayed in Maine many times.  While the neighbors may have looked at me a bit funny, I didn't skip a beat.  As a matter of fact, I actually loved working out outside so much I was a little disappointed when I went home and was forced back indoors.

So, while not having a gym membership has its downfalls, (particularly in the winter), during the summer months, I'm not missing it at all!

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