Friday, July 22, 2011

Booty Shorts

Okay so I've always wanted a pair of booty know those booty and leg hugging shorts that seem to show every last detail of your behind.

From the time I was in high school, I was unhappy with my booty and thighs.  And so I hid them.  I didn't wear long pants, but my shorts were baggy and hit a certain length.
And for the record, when I look back at photos of myself in high school, I'm not sure what the heck was  wrong with me, thinking my thighs were big!

Let's fast forward....I've been running for a while now and always wanting to try booty shorts, but I've always been waiting for the perfect time to buy them, the perfect pair to wear.  I made up a lot of excuses.  Some of them were valid and others were just mental games I was playing with myself.

Well this summer I went to my favorite athletic store and decided that I wasn't leaving the store until I tried on another pairs of shorts to find the perfect pair for me.  My husband dutifully sat outside the waiting room, nodding and giving opinions.  Even when I came out in the another pair of black shorts, seemingly the same as the last 12 pairs, he was supportive.

I did find the right pair and I bought them.  They sat on the chair by my bed for a while with the tags still on.  Then I took the plunge and cut the tags off.  Then they sat in my running drawer for a little while.  I thought about what tops would go with them etc.  I thought about how I would wear them and where.

Well I recently went away from home and I grabbed the shorts and packed them as one of only two pairs of running shorts for two weeks.  (I washed and dried by hand every day).  I got up one morning and out of impulse and necessity, put the shorts on.

I ran down Main Street and I honestly felt like everyone was staring at me.  I was concerned that people were whispering about "Why someone my age or size would wear those shorts."  As the weeks went on I wore the shorts, over and over again.  Every time, thinking about it a little less. I also marveled at how comfy they were to run in.

So now, after weeks of having these shorts, I don't think about them, or myself in them.  I love wearing them.  And they have come to represent something so much bigger than a pair of shorts.  I love myself, no matter what size I am.  I love running and I am proud to get out there on the streets every day.  Of others are judging me, they need to first look at themselves, because I am strong, happy and free.

Here are a picture of the shorts....and I know what you're going to say...they're not even that short or steps people....

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