Thursday, March 10, 2011

Work Now Play Later

I keep taking on projects.  And I'm not sure why.  Sometimes I don't realize how much I keep adding until I talk to someone else and list everything I have on my plate.  Right now I have a blog, a radio show, I run two small businesses, I'm writing a few books and I'm a full time grad student.  There are lots of other small obligations in there too, but they allude me most of the time.  

So at a recent conference I was surrounded by other type A personality types that continuously take on more projects.  I was astounded that we all thought our realities were perfectly normal and that working a large number of hours a week was completely rational.  We also all talked about the means to an end.  What could we do to create revenue so we didn't have to work?  And then I realized that most of what we DO is so we don't have to DO later on.  I'm working like a maniac now so I can take some time off this summer.
I am working to build a business so I can have others run it in the future. 

We clean the house so its done and we can enjoy it.  We do the laundry so we can enjoy the clothes again.  Its all about getting it done.  And so I'm starting to examine the way in which I do things.  I spend so much time getting things done, that I'm beginning to wonder why I don't take the time to savor those moments too.  

I'm starting with my work day.  I'm taking a few minutes every hour to play with Roxy, or a few extra minute every few hours to go out for a walk.  Why not enjoy each and every work day?  I'm rewarding myself with healthy options like tea and smoothies throughout the day to make sure I have the energy to carry on for the long hours I put in.  Its all a balancing act.  However, its not all so cut and dry or black and white...there can be fun in the every day, and I'm determined to find it.

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