Thursday, March 24, 2011

Rules to Live By

Be who you want to be.

Make plans and stick to them.

Be punctual. Leave yourself more time than you think you need.  Others will
thank you for it.

Smile at a stranger.

Say please and thank you.

Wear clothes you love.

Buy good, comfortable shoes.

Don’t fill your purse with junk.  Who wants to carry junk around all the
time?  Don’t you deserve better?

Use the good dishes/sheets/glasses whenever you want.

Eat breakfast for dinner.

Eat by candlelight any time you want.  (Even if you’re just eating burger
and fries.)

Have a little bit of fun every day.

Do one thing a day to get closer to your goals.

Share your dreams with those around you.

Be silly often.

Remember to take care of yourself first.  You will be a better caregiver for

Love an animal, they will bring you unending happiness.

Dance for no reason at all.

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