Monday, March 14, 2011

Fairfield, CT St. Patty's Day Race

This past weekend I ran the Fairfield, CT St. Patty's Day Race. I will openly admit I almost didn't go.  I woke up and was exhausted.  I've traveled a LOT for business lately (10 out of the last 14 days) and I've been fighting a nasty case of bronchitis the whole time.  While I ran while I was away, it wasn't any set distance and I didn't stick with my training schedule that includes speed work, weights, etc.

But I took a look at the clothes I had placed out the night before and got dressed.  I had on pleated running skirt, green compression knee socks, pigtails and clip in green bows I had made.  Cute and comfy.

When I arrived I was shocked at how large the race was.  Its the biggest I've run in thus far.  However, I grabbed my number quickly and was ready to hit the porta potty.  However, so were about 100 other racers and there were three of them.  So I opted to skip it.

I lined up where I usually do and at the start line there were bagpipes playing.  Nice touch.  By far I wasn't the craziest dressed.  There was lots of green, lots of hair dye, costumes, etc. I can easily go a little crazier next year!

The course was flat and nice.  However, they didn't really close the roads and some drivers weren't crazy about waiting and edged runners over to the side of the road. There was an aid station at the 2 mile mark.  This time I stopped and walked for a few steps.  I've learned my lesson choking on water too many times already.

My watch and the mile splits were about two minutes off each other but I think its because I started my watch when I crossed the start line instead of when they started the race.  (Which I was so far back I didn't hear a gun, whistle or anything like that.)

The neighborhoods were pretty and there was a breeze from the beach. Lots of people sat on their laws cheering and clapping.  I love that!  Two very small kids wanted to high five the of course, I ran over to them to make them happy.

There were lots of rugby players at the race and cheering their fellow players on.  There were also tons of people with dogs at the race.  Next year, I hope my Roxy is ready for prime time and can come to the race.

After the race, the runners were shuttled into a beach building for water, bagels, chili etc.  I'm not a big public food kind of person so we grabbed some water and hit the road and found a great new little Mexican place on the ride home.  And no one even looked at me like I was crazy for being dressed the way I was!

Although I'm not thrilled with my time, I'm thrilled that I ran the whole four miles, no walking, breaks etc.  This is especially considering I've been sick, traveling and I'm still within the six month mark of my injury and four miles is more than I could dream of last September.

Last year my husband and I went to Savannah, GA for St. Patty's Day and we had a blast.  Not able to get back this year due to my business trips, I ran this race.  However, next year I already have a race picked out in Savannah that will allow us to take our trip AND include a race.

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