Friday, March 18, 2011


We all have dreams, goals and aspirations.  However, they are very often
pushed aside out of daily necessity.  They are pushed aside so we can take
care of others, do the housework and perform well at our 9-5 jobs.  However,
we really underestimate ourselves.  We can have it all and we can accomplish
our goals.  Its all about balance.

In order to be our best selves, we need to find time do to the things we
love. Its not about finding big chunks of time to start a new hobby, or
quitting your current job, although those may be goals to work towards.  Its
about the small, daily joys that you can sneak away and enjoy.

Start with finding just a few minutes a day to sit and think about all that
you have.  Are you surrounded by friends and family that love you?  Do you
love your home?  Do you have a hobby that you simply can't wait to get back
to?  Kids that make you so happy you can't believe it?

Life is about recognizing these joys, and holding onto them and if just for
a few minutes each and every day, savoring them.  Stopping to smell the
roses sounds cliché but its so very true.  We most often can't see what's
right in front of us and taking just a few moments each day to acknowledge
them and give them the weight they deserve can make all the difference in
the world.

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