Saturday, March 12, 2011

Alo Spring Gear Review

I recently receive a pair of mesh inset capris and a high impact bra from Alo Clothing.

They were cute enough when they came out of the box, but I wasn't sure what would set them apart from my other workout gear.

I slipped them on this morning with a tank over the bra.  It was about 40 degrees in Palo Alto, California.  I was running in unknown territory and I didn't know how long I would run, if I would get too warm etc.

Well I ended up running about five miles and then covering a few more miles on foot to explore the area where I was staying.  And not only did I not need to adjust the capris, or pull them up or twist them around my legs, they were actually comfortable.  Comfy in a sweatpants at the end of the day way, not a as comfortable as possible for workout pants way.

I have the black and they are super flattering.

The bra was also super comfy.  I don't need a lot of support, but I do have a problem with straps digging into me.  The straps on this bra were just right.  I love the flattering racerback design.  I also love the fact that the very top of the bra is mesh, which is a feminine detail that can stick out above your tank.  Again, after five miles and a few hours touring around, the bra didn't pinch, pull or bother me at all.

And their clothes won't break the bank.  Check them out here:

Stay tuned, I'm hoping to try out some of their tees or tanks this summer! 

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  1. I was thinking to buy this Alo sports wear. Thanks for the review post.