Sunday, March 20, 2011

Thorlo Sock Review

We all know I love running and I love running socks.  However, good ones are hard to come by.  Well I really like the Thorlo Experia Max Thin Cushion Socks.

While they are thin enough to cool your feet, they are think enough to provide that Thorlo cushioning that you know and love.  This particular pair comes in all sorts of colors too.  I have and love the pink.

While I would save these for my shorter runs, they are padded in all the right places to avoid blisters and "hot spots".
I not only like them for running, they are great every day, all day socks.  I have been wearing them under my high heeled boots and they make what are normally uncomfortable shoes, comfy cozy.

These socks are usually priced about $14, much cheaper than lots of pairs like them out there.

Want a pair?  Check them out here:

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