Tuesday, March 22, 2011

iFitness Does It Again

Once again iFitness has created the perfect belt!  I've tried a lot of hydration belts and although I've found some I like, I've always had a least one small issue with each one over time.  iFitness has released their own hydration belt. They sent me one to try out and from the minute I tried it on I knew I'd love it.

It is just like their regular neoprene pouch....(see my previous review), however, it holds two water bottles and has spots for gels and gus.  The two bottles are 6oz each and BPA free.  They are dishwasher safe too.  (I love that!)  If two isn't enough, I believe you can even add more bottles.  The bottles are held in by stretchy straps.  However, when I ran with it I undid those and the bottles stayed in just fine.

I really want to talk about the bottles for another moment.  On all of the other belts I've used I've had a hard time getting the bottles in and out while running.  With this belt I could remove them, use them and out them back with one hand.  Seriously.

The pouch is water resistant just like their others so you can run in the rain without worry and more importantly, your phone is dry at the end of your run no matter how much you sweat.  The pouch holds even my phone (a Droid X) which is quite large.

There are two elastic loops that hold gels or gus..they are easily stretchable to hold just about whatever you'd like.  I even managed to put a bar in one.  There are reflectors so you're safe on the road.  Most importantly, the belt doesn't bounce.  I know that when you are carrying a big phone, a key, a card, and water, the heft can really become cumbersome. With this belt I was able to take a five mile run with water, a camera, a phone, money and my hotel room key and I was comfy and chafe free the whole time!

Once again iFitness has created a perfect running product that I will use every day!

These belts are so much cheaper than the others on the market too!  Check them out here:


  1. I knowwwww these are my favorite new belts! great review!

  2. Thanks! Congrats on LA! Your post on it was hysterical!

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