Saturday, March 26, 2011

Fits Sock Review

I know I've reviewed socks in the past.  Its probably because I'm always on the hunt for the perfect pair.  I want a pair of socks that keep my feet warm, but dry.  I want a pair that prevents blisters and hot spots.  I want a pair that is comfortable to wear for hiking, running AND around town running errands.

I was recently sent a few pairs of socks by Fits Sock.  I was sent the Light Hiker Crew, the Medium Hiker Crew and the Light Runner Low-Cut.

The Light Runner was my favorite.  These socks kept my feet dry, blister free, and comfy.  They were thick enough to be squishy and soft and comfy.  However, they were thin enough to ensure my shoes still fit the same way .
I love the idea that merino wool can be worn year round, comfortable and SOFT.

When I went hiking in these socks I was amazed at how well they stayed in place.  After a few hours hiking socks usually fall into your shoe, get bunched up in an area of your shoe, etc.  Taking time to stop and readjust socks isn't uncommon.  These socks stayed in place perfectly.  The heel was deep enough to allow this to happen.

I have a really high arch and these socks helped support it during my adventures.  They are available in full and half cushion.  You can also buy them in five sizes so you make sure you have the best fit for you.

I know these socks are made for running, hiking, etc and I've taken them on all these adventures and been very pleased with them.  However, they are warm and soft enough that I love slipping them on with sweatpants and a tee shirt after a long day's work.  You are going to love Fits Sock!

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