Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Tri it, you will be glad you did

I was recently sent a sample of Trislide...a lubricant designed to help prevent chaffing, ease use of thigh clothing, etc.  

I've used items like this before and haven't been thrilled.  So I was skeptical.  I don't have a ton of chafing when I run, but I can always use a little help in the prevention department.  More importantly, I wanted to try Trislide to help me get on my compression tights. 

I read the directions and sprayed on Trislide as directed.  I thought it might dry and form a powder finish but it did not.  I was even more skeptical as I didn't think my compression tights would go over over something that was wet.  Well, they did, and they did so super easily!  I usually spend five minutes just getting into the tights...today they slid right on.  And as I went about my day (I left them on to try out the Trislide), the Trislide stayed true and helped me in and out of the tights every single time.  My legs didn't feel sticky or gross like they have with other lubricants.  

I love the fact that it sprays on and I don't have to worry about a stick melting in my bag.  (Don't worry though its an environmentally friendly can.)  And, because its in a can, you can share it without worry of bacteria.

Trislide is water proof and sweat proof.  However, it washed off easily in the shower after.  Its different from other chafing products because its silicone based instead of petroleum based.

Trislide isn't just for athletes.  You can use this to prevent thigh chaffing, especially during trips where you are walking a lot or the warm summer months.  Trislide sells for about $16.00 and you can get yours here:

They also have products to prevents your goggles from fogging and to help you in the water.  

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