Thursday, February 24, 2011


Okay, I've been thinking about getting my hair cut for a long time.  I've been growing it out for years...probably about five.  At some point, more wasn't more and it because just a mass of long, long, hair that was hard to manage.

So I made up my mind to get it cut, made an appointment with "my guy" (although i hadn't seen him in over 18 months) and picked a date!

I went today and told my hairstylist all of my qualifications
1.  I had to be able to wash and wear-no hair dryers for me
2.  It had to look good curly or straight
3.  It HAD to fit into a ponytail

I thought I might be asking for the impossible but TJ was up to the challenge.  I originally wanted to lose only three inches...well, I lost about ten, but it was worth it.  I'm loving me new hair and I'm thrilled to have let go of some of that weight and all it represented.  I'm happy to start fresh...I think its a representation of all the new things I have going on in my life.  I'm thankful TJ pushed me a little out of my comfort zone and I'm thankful for be going on this new journey with you.

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