Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Roll It Out

Okay, we all know that we need to take time to breathe, relax and stretch, but how many of us really do?    Coming off a recent and pretty serious injury has made me realize that if I don't take the time to do those things, I will spend more and more time on the disabled list. 

While I was in physical therapy my therapist suggested I use a foam roller.  Well I got one and although it was helpful it was painful to use.  While I'm okay with a little pain, the foam roller because the dreaded part of my workouts. 

I recently came across Thera Roll.  They work under the same principle, roll out your muscles and help you stretch them.  However, they are textured to help you get deeper into the muscle.  So I tentatively tried out Thera Roll.  I used the blue model which is their softest.  

It did give me a great stretch and instead of pain the process felt good.  I felt like it was a massage.  While I can't medically tell you if I was stretched out as well, I can tell you it was a MUCH more enjoyable process and I would want to use the roll.  The blue is great for beginners, and those who are recovering from an injury. 

The rolls come in soft, medium and firm so you can decide which is right for you.  They also come in various sizes.  
The second roll I tried was the "medium".  It was just as comfortable to use.  This one could be used on its own or after using the blue roll.  I received the 3x8 size in the purple roller and I'm in love with its size.  When I travel I often have to leave my gym equipment at home and this little roller is lightweight and the perfect size to get packed into a bag!

So if you need to stretch more, and are looking for a product to help you do it...give Thera Roll a try.
Take a peek at their website here:

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