Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Super Powers

I used to say all the time, that I feel like I have to accomplish so much in a day that I wanted a cape.  Well as time went on it became less of a joke and more of a statement.  Friends I would joke with would also laugh, but then say "Do you think they really make those?"So one day I sat down and decided to do a Google search.  Well I found Power Capes.  You guessed it, they make custom capes.

Okay, not only do they make custom capes but the possiblities are endless.  They offered to allow me to review a cape.  I thought they would send me one out of inventory but they allowed me to pick my own designs, colors etc.

I need to warn you, this is not an easy process.  First, you must pick your length of cape.  Review samples are always the shortest, so that is what my cape is.  Its called the sidekick (how cute is that?).  From there, you must select your emblem.  There are lots of emblems to chose from, eight to be exact.  Then you can chose the color of your emblem.  There are 29 of those to chose from.  See how quickly the process becomes very hard?

I will admit I spent about an hour designing the cape.  The best part of the design process was that the website offers you a preview of your choices.  It takes only a second to update and it gives you a clear visual of exactly what it will look like.

I finally made my choices and submitted them.  My cape arrived in the mail as quickly as if a super hero had delivered it.  It was in a tiny package and for a moment, I was concerned.  I shouldn't have been.  The capes colors were bright and vibrant.  The attention to detail was amazing.  Even the thread used to sew the emblem on was a beautiful rainbow thread.
The fabirc was bright, thick and soft.

If I didn’t already love the idea of a cape, I’m now in love with my own cape. Not only would a cape make a great gift for the super hero in your life, of course kids of all ages would love their own cape!

Check out their whole selection of capes and items here:
They do also have tee shirts, super hero masks, arm bands and for the less creative, ready made capes. 

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