Friday, February 4, 2011

Running Necklaces

When I started my search for "running jewelry" I was looking for something small, easy to wear, and feminine.  However, I still wanted it to announce that I am a runner.  I didn't find a lot that met my criteria.  Then I came across Jessica's Gifts.  Jessica's Gifts is an Etsy store with tons of adorable athletic options.

I was sent the "Miles to Go" charm and necklace.  When it arrived, it came in its own cute purple pouch that protected it during transit. The disc and necklace were very shiny and were quite striking.  While I love her photos on Etsy, they don't do these necklaces justice.

The necklace is adjustable so you can change its length according to your tastes.  Its quite delicate and strong at the same time.  (Necklaces are sold separately.)

I wore the necklace and charm for a few days.  What struck me is how lightweight it is.  You don't feel it on your skin and you certainly don't feel its weight on your chest.  Its flat so its comfortable.  I wore it through running, showering and daily wear.  I'm particular about things on my skin, etc. So if I think something is comfortable you will too!

The charms are available with all sorts of running mantras, and for other sports as well.  You'd expect custom charms like this to be pricey, but they are super reasonable.  Since the shop is on Etsy you can always get in touch with the creator and even have something custom done.  For the athlete in your life, Jessica's Gifts is a great one stop shop.  Check it out here:

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