Sunday, February 20, 2011

Balancing Act

So lately I've been walking on a tightrope.  For those of you who don't know, I run a company, The Joyful Organizer, my husband recently opened his own business, Matt Dewkett Photography and I'm a full time grad student.  The three of these things really keep me on my toes.  I get asked a lot how I keep it all together and the obvious answer is, planning.  However, sometimes I feel like the real answer is thinking ahead, a little bit of luck, and just keeping my chin up.

There are lots of down days where I feel like I will never accomplish everything I want to or need to.  There are days when I wonder what the hell I have gotten myself into.  Why don't I work a mindless 9-5 and come home at night and not worry about work? And then I remember that I was miserable working for someone else, and as a self employed person my creative nature can come out.

And so, each and every day brings with it new challenges and new joys.  Each day needs to be carefully planned so that I can possibly come up with five free minutes of time to deal with whatever crisis comes up that day.  Each day I learn how to stretch a little more, make something out of nothing and work a little magic.

In all of this I have my running.  It grounds me, keeps me sane and is the time of my day where I'm not attached to my phone.  I can brainstorm and come up with all sorts of new ideas that I don't have time or money to implement.  However, the time is all mine and no one expects anything of me when I come home from a run.  No one is asking me for help, or to meet a deadline or to have more information.  Its just me, my shoes and the road.

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