Friday, February 18, 2011

Run Pretty

Okay I will admit it, I'm a sucker for cute running clothes.  I'm not the girl who is going to go out in a pair of shorts and a tee.  I'd love to say I'm that low maintenance, but I'm not.  I love a good running skirt, a frilly tank and a matching sports bra.  I've been thinking about why I love these things, especially since I'm not a girly girl or really into pink or ruffles anywhere else in my life.

I think its the juxtaposition of it.  Out on the trails, dirty, sweaty and huffing and puffing, who couldn't use a little more cute?  The other reason is that my life is so busy I don't often get to run home and shower after I've gone for a run.  Many times I have to run some errands on the way home or I end up on a conference call afterwards.  Since I'm a business owner in the area, my cute workout clothes give me a little more confidence to hit the stores and know that while sweaty and probably smelly, I at least still look cute.

So who are my favorites?  Well, although over priced, I do love Lululemon.  As a friend said to me the other day "I drank the Lululemonade".  I have a sneaky way of affording their clothes.  We have the country's only Lululemon outlet near my home and they often have this season's new arrivals on the racks for 1/2 off their normal price or more. Things are returnable so I always spend a lot of time trying things on and debating.  (this is where my husband goes to Starbucks)  I do also have a thing for Nike. Its cheaper, more readily available and I can find it on sale and on great sites like

I also love to accessorize a little bit.  I mean, I have to have my hair off my face, but why can't it be cute?  This winter I'm loving a pink pigtail hat from Bondi Bands.  When I'm inside I'm in love with Sweaty Bands Diva Sparkle Headband in silver (so it matches everything).  I mean, who doesn't love a little sparkle when they are out on the trail?

Some say this is a waste of money, time or its just plain silly.  To this I wonder "why not"?  Why don't I want to look and feel my best at all times?  So many people deny themselves of feeling great because they feel they aren't worth it.  And if you aren't worth it, then who is?

So that all being said, I often wonder why I have my "normal" clothes in my closet and my running clothes in a drawer.  Maybe I should swap them out...I know I have much more love and affection for my running clothes.  I also love wearing them much more than any pair of jeans and top.  And after being forced to wear sneakers non stop for the past few months due to injury, I don't know if my heels will ever see the light of day again.

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