Tuesday, February 8, 2011


Okay so I normally don't review food, but I was sent a six pack of Solixir and being a health food but I figured I'd give it a try.

The first thing I noticed were the cute cans.  The three flavors come in three different colors, blue, red and green.  They have a cute design to them.  Its soothing.  (As opposed to a vibrant can such as Red Bull.)

There are three flavors.  The first is awaken.  Its meant to give you "gentle energy".

The second of the flavors is restore.  This one is meant to make you feel like yourself again.  While it was very tasty, I'm not sure exactly what I was supposed to feel after drinking this one.  However, it satisfied my sweet tooth and saved me from a bigger caloric splurge midday.

Finally, there is my favorite, relax.  Its meant to not make you sleepy, but to just "chill you out".  While I'm very skeptical I figured I'd give it a shot and even if it didn't do anything at all, it was tasty.  Well soon after I drank it I felt mellowed out.  I completely didn't even attribute it to the drink at first. I just thought I was in a good mood :)  Then I realized it just might have been the drink.  Either way, its yummy and I'm willing to try anything to relax more!

The drinks are all natural and made from fruit juices and sparkling water.  They don't have added sugar or artificial sweetener, so they do have about 60 calories each.  However, its a well spent 60 calories.

The drinks retail for $1.99 a piece and can be purchased at Whole Food and the Vitamin Shoppe.

You can take a peek at their website here:

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