Thursday, January 17, 2013

Stabilicers Sport Runner Review

Its no secret that the snow is falling in most of the country and its not so easy to take a walk, go for a run or even take your dog outside.  Stabilicers Sport Runners will help you brave the elements and get outide this winter. 
I put the Sport Runners on my running shoes and although they took a few minutes to put on, they were easy to wear.  They don't make the shoes heavy or tight or anything like that.  

I wore the shoes on a trail run.  The snow was about six inches deep with an icy "crust" on the top.  I did make sure to try them on packed snow, fluffy snow, ice and even the dirt trail. No matter what terrain I was on, I stayed sure footed and steady. I had my dog attached to me vi a waist leash so there is a fair chance that running in ice and snow would be tricky.  With the Sport Runners on my shoes I felt steady and solid.  I had no worries about slipping at all.

I ended up wearing the shoes with the Stabilicers for the rest of the day. While they aren't ideal for indoors (and you could scratch floors), they give you traction as you run out for a latte.  With ice and snow every where it never hurts to be too safe and have TOO much traction. 

There are other brands of traction accessories out there.  I've had some that have twisted and broken after a season.  The Sport Runners allow you to replace the cleats on them to save you money.

These come in all sorts of sizes so you can buy a pair for every member of your family. So regardless if you're a trail runner, a road runner, a casual walker or just someone who ventures out in the winter, Sport Runners are a great investment for peace of mind and safety this winter.  

They do have all sorts of other stability items too! Take a peek at their website here:

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