Wednesday, January 30, 2013

iFitness Armband Review

Taking your home with you to the gym or on the road is important to safety.  I have an iPhone and while I love it, carrying it while running or dog walking isn't always the easiest task.  I have used iFitness's waist band and hydration items for years and they are heads and tails better than anything else out there.  Their arm band is no exception.

The arm band has an easily adjustable piece that goes around your arm.  The velcro allows you to cinch it on your bare arm or wear it over a shirt or even a winter jacket in the cold months.

The pouch zips open wide so you can EASILY put your phone inside.  I've used other pouches where you have to push and shove and it just takes too much time.  The pouch is also water repellant allows you to use your phone without taking it out.

My favorite thing about the arm band is that it doesn't move when I run.  No matter how I wore the band (over a windbreaker, fleece or even just on my arm), it stayed put and didn't bounce.

I also like the two reflective tabs for road safety and the tiny extra loop where I stuff a chapstick (you could use this for a gel too).  

iFitness also sells an IPhone case that attaches to their hydration belts or any other belt you have already!
iFitness products are always less expensive than their counterparts too! The armband at time of writing is just $21.95.  

Take a look at everything they have to offer here:

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