Thursday, January 24, 2013

New Year's Day Hike

This year Matt and I kicked off the new year by taking a hike.  I usually race on New Year's Day, but this year I've decided I'm going to only do the races I really love in order to save money.  I was racing once or twice a month and it really ads up.

A race is also something just for me and I wanted to spend New Year's Day with my family, spending time together.

So we got out our hiking books and rediscovered a place we hadn't been in years.  We drove to a nearby town, all bundled up and started hiking.  It was COLD out but clear and wonderful.  When the uphill started, it wasn't long before we were hot.

I love hiking in the cold as the water in my pack is refreshing.  However, when we stopped to look at the map it was easy to cool off quickly.

As always, Roxy loved the hike.  We did make her wear her coat so she didn't get "snow knots".  (She gets these when she runs in the snow and they have to be cut out-not fun for anyone.)  Every time we stopped Roxy would roll around in the snow like crazy, leading us to laugh.

Overall it was a great way to start the year and it was motivational.  We have lots of hiking books and we're going to put them to good use this year.

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