Monday, January 28, 2013

BRD Brace Review

Sadly for a lot of people getting fit int he New Year means dealing with an injury, either new or old.  I have had IT Band issues for years and I've worn a lot of braces.  I really like the stability this brace has to offer.

It comes in various sizes so you can buy one that fits your leg.  Its done by measurements so you're not picking up a one size fits all brace from a super store.

The brace is made of a knit material that feels soft and comfortable.  While you know you're wearing it and feel supported by the brace, you don't feel confined or pinched by the brace.  I don't feel as though I have to take this one off right away as I have felt with other braces.

The brace works by taking the pressure off your patella and putting it around the other tissues.  Its kind of like a mini massage for your leg.  Its stabilized by stainless steel.

The brace is quick drying and lightweight.  I've started keeping it in my running bag so I can slip it on anytime I feel the need for a little extra support.  I also wear the brace sometimes after a long run, just to improve circulation after long runs.  

If you have knee issues, try out BRD's braces.  They are worth the investment!

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