Tuesday, January 22, 2013

BKR Bottle Review

At this time of year lots of people are thinking about being healthier; working out more, eating healthier and even drinking more water.  I've been through a lot of water bottles and it seems as if every time I get onto a new band wagon, they tell me that those bottles have an issue.  Glass is the latest trend, and the safest .  

I recently came across BRK bottles and I was smitten.  Its a little piece of eye candy inside your gym bag.  The bottle is 16 ounces and made of clear glass.  Glass is fully recyclable making this bottle a fully renewable resource.  The bottle has a plastic cap and a silicone sleeve.  

The silicone sleeve is made of BPA free silicone and protects the bottle from breakage.  While this may be hard to believe, I will tell you from experience I dropped the bottle from the car after having it about two days.  It didn't break.  I was shocked.

I love the bright colors they BKR bottles come in.  They make you happy and brighten up even the dullest of winter days.  I love the way the silicone helps the bottle stay put in my cup holder in the car.
The bottle can be washed by hand or in the dishwasher and no you don't have the take the pretty sleeve off in order to wash it. 

These bottles will become a staple for you at the gym, at home etc.  The mouth is just wide enough to allow for easy drinking but small enough so you don't spill on yourself all the time.

BRK is available at some stores and online.  Take a look at their site here:

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