Saturday, January 26, 2013

Ice Queen Ultra Skirt Review

For most of us, its cold out right now.  Not chilly, but bone chilling cold with wind and ice.  I have lived in New England my whole life so I'm used to it.  However, I will tell you that on those days that are grey and clustery, leaving the nice warm flannel sheets and heading out for a run is a tough.  I received a pair of these pants this week and I have to say I've had them on every time I've left the house since.  

These pants are called the Ice Queen Ultra Skirt.  They are a pair of pants with a built in skirt.  The skirt covers your bum so you feel confident and ready to hit the store or coffee shop on the way home.  

There are wind and water resistance put into the skirt and the leggings.  Any runner knows that the winter wind make your legs and tushie cold pretty fast.  There are zippers on the bottoms of the legs so you can take them on and off, even when sweaty.  You can also wear even the biggest boot with these pants.  I've worn big shearling boots, running shoes and even snow shoe boots with these.  The pants also have a draw cords to adjust the inseam if you're a little shorter than the pants.

The insides are soft and snuggly.  That is something I've never found with a pair of winter pants before.  They are comfy enough to snuggle up and read on the couch in.  However, the outsides block wind and water and they do a great job at it.  I've worn these to run and I've worn these to play in the snow with my dog.  Regardless of what I'm doing I've been comfy; not too hot and not too cold.  I've gone home dry and happy.  So if you're looking for a pair of pants for all your winter adventures, here they are!

The pants have two pockets for gels, chap stick, etc.  There is also a cord management system so you can tuck in your iPod and have the headphones come up from the pocket.  Very useful in the winter months when your iPod can get caught up in all of the layers of clothing. 

The skirt is 13.5 inches in the front and 14.5 in the back (who doesn't love a little more rear coverage).  The pants are 33.5 inches long.

You can find the Ice Queen Pant here:

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