Saturday, June 4, 2011


Okay I know that protein is part of a healthy diet.  However, the truth is I hate it.  I'm not a fan of meat of any kind.  I've always been that way and there isn't much that makes me gobble up a meal full of meat.

And so, I spend a lot of time protein deficient I'm sure.  I also spend a lot of time trying to find other ways to get my healthy fats and protein.  I would love to be a vegetarian, however I've been advised that as a hypoglycemic its not in my best interest.

I LOVE peanut butter.  I will eat it on anything or right out of the jar.  However, it can't be the only protein in my whole diet.  So I try to eat lots of nuts and beans too.

I used to buy lots of the ready made protein shakes and loved them.  However, their has recently been some discussion about the level of metals in them, so I'm trying to make protein shakes from power and other ingredients in my own blender.  They aren't as great on the go, but hey, what can you do...

I'm a big fan of protein bars too and to make them extra nutritious I sometimes put them into peanut butter too.

I have recently found some fun ways to make protein a little yummier for myself.  There is of course, chili, which I make once a week. I have also started a love affair with burgers.  They can really be customized with all sorts of yummy things like peanut sauce, sprouts and onions.

I've been also taking some white meat chicken and cooking it as if it were being served at a restaurant like Buffalo Wild Wings.  I make different types; one covered in Panko, some in Shake and Bake, some in wings sauce, etc.  I know that the sauces and shakes add some calories, but they help me enjoy the meat a little more.

Finally, I am working on other ways of getting protein.  I've recently added hard boiled eggs to my diet. I've liked them for a long time and always added them at salad bars, but only in the past six months have I added them into my weekly cooking routine.

I also love edamame.  LOVE it.  I cook small batches in the microwave and then coat them in seasonings like seasoned salt, crushed chili flakes, etc.  They are so yummy and such a great and filling snack.

So the lesson is always be on the lookout for new dietary additions and if you don't like something, be creative!

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