Friday, June 24, 2011

Bargain Hunting

I make no secret about it that I like to shop.  However, I don't like to shop full price retail.  I love to bargain shop.

Extreme couponing is all the rage now and although I don't have the time, interest or knowledge to be successful at it, I do love to hunt a bargain in other ways.

I have one email address that I use for offers and sales.  Most stores will ask you for an email address when you cash out.  While some use this for marketing etc and are not useful, others will send you sale notifications and or coupons.  I use one email address for this so that my personal in box isn't filled with offers and things for me to sort through.  I suggest that you only sign up for offers from places you really want to shop at.

I also sign up for mailing lists.  I receive coupons in the mail for places I like to shop. I recently received a coupon for both the J. Crew retail store and the outlet store.

If I'm buying something online I always do a Google search for a coupon code for the store.  You do get a lot of results that you might need to sort through, however more often than not you can at least find a free shipping code.

I also keep track of sample sales.  Stores will offer "samples" before the season begins and these items are often drastically discounted from retail.  For example, I recently visited the sample sale of one of my favorite outdoor clothing stores.  Normally a fleece or climbing pants from this store would be over $100, but at the sample sale every item was $5-$20.  I spent $140 and came out with two bags FULL of clothes.  You do have to settle for the sample sale size though.

Also, even if you are outlet shopping, take a moment and Google coupons.  Many outlet centers offer coupon books that allow you to save money at certain stores.  Joining their loyalty club often means you get the coupon books for free.

So while sales sometimes can convince you to buy too much, they can be helpful in obtaining what you need while spending less!

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