Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Favorite Things

My favorite things change over time and it seems as though summer is always filled with new discoveries and new "trends" in my life.  This summer, I am going to share with you a few of my favorite things.

My new Tom's shoes.  I bought them as a present for myself for big speaking engagement I booked.  I am trying not to wear flip flops to take care of my hip injury and I wasn't sure if they would be comfortable for the "long haul".  Well I've worn them for a 20 hour day walking around NYC, touring around Freeport, Maine shopping and for traveling and I love them for everything.  (Its funny someone else I know who blogs recently had these as one of her favorite things too.  I saw her post after mine were on order so it gave me hope that they were be comfy after all, and they were!)

My second favorite thing is Coffemate.  Its so silly but I'm a big iced coffee fan (which is ironic considering I don't love coffee).  However, I LOVE flavored iced coffee.  I use the Fat Free Coffee mate creamer and coffee I've made and put in the fridge.  I put it all together in a reusable Starbucks mug and I'm good to go!  And although I will always be faithful to Starbucks and need my fix from time to time, this is a MUCH cheaper option on a daily basis.

My third favorite thing right now is sushi.  Not with lots of fish, but the veggie kinds, like the cucumber roll.  I am loving it as an afternoon snack or as a quick dinner.  I may even try my hand at making it to make my newest addiction more cost effective.  My little cousin also introduced me to a spicy beef roll with a little bit of cooked beef inside.  Addictive.

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