Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Got Tupperware?

The following is a guest post from someone I know personally:

Hello! My name is Lauren Goudreault and I recently became a Tupperware Consultant!  I am so excited about this new venture and want to share all of the exciting products and opportunities with everyone! 

Tupperware is not the same product that most of us remember from our younger years.  Think back to your parents and grandparents Tupperware.  It was durable and an excellent product but the look we could have done without.  Welcome the new Tupperware, which has a line called Chic Dining that is perfect for summer parties.  There is no doubt that Tupperware can significantly reduce clutter, cut down on grocery bills, and save time all while creating products that are environmentally friendly!!

Tupperware offers a line called Modular Mates that will convert your cabinets allowing you to store the most food or items in the smallest space.  The containers are see-through which allows you to scan your cabinets before heading out to the grocery store, preventing the unwanted double item!  Modular Mates are perfect for the summer when people love to go camping and travel to the beach.  They will help preserve your cereal and other products while protecting them from unwanted critters and ocean air.

Looking to save money and time?  Freezer Mates are the perfect solution.  People can make food ahead of time and freeze extras in these durable containers.  There are plenty of sizes available so that you can portion out food appropriately. 

Working moms and dads find that the most difficult time of the day is preparing meals.  Tupperware has many solutions to that problem.  First, Tupperware offers CrystalWave Meal Solutions which allows you to take leftovers and preserve them for the next day.  Kids will love the Lunch sets and tumblers which are environmentally friendly because there are no paper bags or plastic bags! The Tupperware Stack Cooker is an amazing product that allows people to cook complete healthy meals in a short amount of time.  Perfect for the family on the go!

The last product that I want to share is the Vent’ N Serve.  It is amazing!  Plan your meals ahead of time and just place in the microwave and heat! There are many different sizes perfect for storing leftovers from summer parties and even holiday dinners!

Tip: Non-Tupperware products are not supposed to be put in the microwave.  Did you ever wonder why the dishes are stained and become flimsy?  They are strictly made for storage.  Tupperware has created microwave friendly products that allow heat to escape and the plastic does not stain!

If you have any questions or are looking to place an order, please visit my website at LaurenGoudreault@my2.tupperware.com to place an online order or email me at Lgoody1206@gmail.com for help or information on online orders, hosting a party, or fundraising!  

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