Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Writing Notes

I recently interviewed Mike O'Mary of The NoteProject.  It really got me thinking about the notes I've sent and received over the years.

When I first went to college, email was rare and people back home like my parents and grandmother certainly didn't have access to it.  And so, besides making a phone call (which were also very expensive at the time), the only way to get news home was to write a letter.  At the time it was normal, although growing increasingly rare.
When email really became popular, I was still seen almost daily dropping a letter into the slot in the mail room of my dorm.  I got a lot of questions and a lot of funny looks.  However, I felt like the best way to talk to those at home, was to write to them.

When I put pen to paper, I always feel better.  If I'm sharing an exciting event, I feel like they can share in my joy.  If I'm upset and venting I feel its a catharsis and I am relieved after I've finished writing.

I still write hand written letters.  I write to my God Parents as often as I can.  I know that despite my not being able to visit as much as I'd like, I can always brighten their day a little with a letter.

I also write in my professional and personal life.  If I have something to work through, I write it down.  If something needs to get done, I write it down.  I know that this may take a little more time or a little more work, but I love the finality of putting pen to paper and being able to look at what I've created.

I did receive letter back from my grandmother.  However, after she sustained an injury, they came less and less frequently.  However, I kept sending them.  I sent them more and more frequently the less she could send.  After she passed away in 2000, I took all of the cards and letters we had sent each other over the years and put them into binders with page protectors.  I now have a beautiful display of our affection for each other over the years.  I can see how our relationship grew and changes as I went from small grandchild to adult and friend.

So although hand written notes are seen as paper clutter and time consuming, I'm here to inspire you to write one to someone you love today.

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