Tuesday, April 12, 2011


Today someone said the words "shanti, shanti" to me and I immediately stopped in my tracks.  I had an idea of what they meant, but I did what every person does, I Googled.  I found that specifically, they mean, peace, tranquility, calmness, rest and bliss.  I mean who DOESN'T need more of that?!?

While this saying gave me pause, I started thinking about things this morning on my run.  I was having a hard time on a trail that was ravaged by the winter and is now full of downed trees, exposed roots and over turned rocks. I wanted to stop, but I realized that by stopping I wasn't going to gain anything.  As a matter of fact, I'd lose.  I'd lose the opportunity to prove to myself that I could complete the trail, no matter what was knocked in my way over the past few months.  And this because such a great metaphor for life for me.

The past few months have been hard.  I've still be recovering from an injury I sustained last fall.  My husband has been quite ill, and business has been bad.  These things coupled with some unexpected expenses, has made all aspects of life challenging.  However, all of this really makes you stop and think about what exactly what you do need in life.

Life is about fulfilling our needs.  We need to heat our home, buy food, and all those other things we have to pay for on a monthly basis.  However, we also need to live, love and laugh.  Life is all about those precious moments when you get to find five minutes and hug someone or just send happy thoughts their way.

I have been so blessed this past six months to a year.  I've met so many people through Twitter, this blog, and running in general.  I have kindred spirits across the country that even though we aren't close in distance, are there for support when I need it.

I have also been blessed to meet so many wonderful people in my profession recently.  Organizers are unique, inspiring and curious people.  Spending time with a lot of them is uplifting.

And so I'm asking you to stop and count your blessings for the hard times you've encountered.  They help us learn, they help us persevere and they make us better versions of ourselves.

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