Friday, April 8, 2011

Running with Asthma

I have Exercise Induced Asthma.  Its gotten better and worse over the years, however, its always there and I have to accept it and deal with it.

Lots of people wonder why I chose running as my sport when I have EIA.  Sometimes I wonder that too.

However, I love running and with proper planning I can run comfortably.  I have to take my inhaler at least 30 minutes before I work out.  Sometimes, I forget and cut it too close.

I need to avoid super cold or super hot temps...sometimes I fail on that one too.

Sometimes I end up coughing for the rest of the day after I run.  There isn't a thing I can do but drink wanter and take better care of myself the next day.

I'm not here to give you tips on running with asthma or anything like that.  I'm not a doctor.  I am here to tell you what asthma has taught me.

I now know that we aren't all created equal.  We all have strengths and weaknesses and while some feel its important to focus on and enhance your strengths, I feel that focusing on your weaknesses can teach you more.  In areas that you are weak, talent wise, physically, mentally, etc, you have a much greater opportunity to learn.

From having asthma I know that I need to try harder, work more, remain focused and always be thinking of the next step  in my training.  All because of my asthma.  Other runners might not have this focus or desire. I know that I have to try harder than the person next to me to achieve the same thing.

So instead of feeling sorry for yourself, or avoiding the things you don't do well....dive into them and learn from your challenges.

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