Thursday, April 28, 2011

Buddy System for Your Best Running Buddy

We all know by now that my dog is new to my family and that she's a very
energetic border collie with more energy than I can imagine.
We've been trying out different leashes and leash systems to find one that
works well for her to walk and run with me.

When I came across the Buddy System I was unsure how a waist leash would
work.  For a small dog, Roxy can really pull and I was concerned I was going
to be pulled off my feet by this leash.

I was sent the Buddy System leash and the Lunge Buster.  I tried them out
today when taking my dog up her first mountain.  Granted, its a small
mountain but we wanted to give her a chance to try this leash out before we
headed out for a whole day's hike.

My husband tried the leash first and snapped it around his waist.  From
package to set up, we were ready in less than two minutes.  My husband said
the Lunge Buster gave her the room she needed to move, and when he had to
pull back on her, it wasn't as jarring or unpleasant for either him or the

I gave the leash a go next.  I was worried she was going to pull me and I
was going to fall over, especially because we were hiking of packed ice and
snow.  I adjusted the waist strap very quickly and we were ready to go.  I
was shocked at how nice it make hiking with my dog.  My hands were free and
I could pull her back when I needed to.  However, she was able to roam free
and move from side to side and I was able to maintain my natural gate and
really enjoy the hike as if I wasn't managing a dog at all.

The Lunge Buster was amazing.  I had to pull her back in a few times to
avoid other dogs and people, and the Lunge Buster allowed me to do so
without jarring her and choking her as I would end up doing with a normal

At the end of the hike I was dying to see how this leash will work for
running so I handed over my pack to my husband and ran about 1/2 mile with
the leash and my dog.  It was perfect!  My gate wasn't affected at all.  The
dog was forced to fall into my gate and speed.  It was a pleasant experience
for both of us.  This will be the only leash I use when we leave the house.
The best thing is that The Buddy System has though of everything.  The leash
attaches to another hook on the waist belt so you can stow the leash when
its not in use.  You never have to carry the leash.  The leash also has two
quick release clips so you can get your dog in and out of the system if you
need to quickly.

If you get one leash for your dog and you are active and walk, run or hike
with your dog, this is the one for you.

Although you can purchase The Buddy System lots of places, take a peek at
their website here:

Since I first wrote this review I've been using nothing but this leash.  Its amazing.  Not only can I run or hike handsfree, it allows us both to have our personal space and deal with the natural movement that comes when you run.  I also love the security.  Dogs can get excited at lots of different things and you never know when they will pull or twist.  Having the leash around my waist gives me confidence that even if she tried to run away, I would never lose her.  Leashes can get pulled out of hands and you can get caught by surprise.  Even if you hold the leash part of this system in your hand, you will always have a backup around your waist.

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