Wednesday, March 12, 2014


This week I decided to challenge myself to work out six days in a row.  I considered going for seven, but realized everyone needs a rest :)

So, I attended three spin classes, and three yoga classes.  In the meantime, I got lots of sleep, ate lots of amazing healthy food, and even took a little time to take care of myself.  This is the first time in as long as I can remember I was this kind to myself.  So often, I don't have time for myself or I simply feel guilty for doing it.

I tried some amazing new recipes including beignets, crockpot chicken phillies, red lentil coconut soup, and even avocado hummus.  I've had chia drinks, aloe, vitamins, and some amazing coffee drinks :)

How do I feel at the end of the week?  Tired, happy, and inspired.  I will read in bed with a cup of coffee in the morning and relish in my day off.  However, I will also think about what I've learned this week.

First of all, I thought that my age, a little weight gain and not getting outside for workouts meant I was "losing it".  Just the opposite happened, I was still able to surprise myself, learn and challenge myself.

I also saw a different in my workouts as the week went on.  I was able to accomplish more, strive for more and at the same time, learn to let go.  There are so many days I'd attend yoga and think of it as a workout.  I'd sweat and bend and really try to do the poses the best I could.  On day six of my workouts, I thought I'd "take it easy" in class and just do what I felt like. I would use modifications when necessary.  And to my surprise, once I stopped thinking about it all so much, my body just went along with it and I was able to really find the calm in my mind.

I'll do this all again next week and I have high hopes for the weeks ahead. Spring is on the way and my spring cleaning is starting with my mind :)

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