Thursday, May 30, 2013

Core Fusion Barre Basics

Core Fusion Barre Basics is a DVD that helps you tone your body and learn some of the beginner barre moves.  The movements allow you to tone and target your glutes, abs and legs...all of the "problem" places.

The video is divided up into seven 10-minute workouts that you can do separately or together.  I like using the whole video as a progression, but I also love that you can add one of these segments into another workout you may be doing.

These are great activities for both the person new to working out and the person who is a seasoned exerciser.  You will need a chair to complete the video and a little bit of space.  However, it would be a great video to take with you on a trip or to a hotel.

The techniques used work.  Sometimes it feels as if you are barely moving.  However, your legs will shake and really feel the effort you are putting in.  Stretching after the workout also allows you to obtain that "lean" look.

You can pick up this video on Amazon:

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